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Our Ice Cream

Hard Serve:


We offer Hudsonville Ice Cream in these flavors:


Good old fashioned vanilla, creamy as ever



Rich and creamy, mellow and smooth, this slow-churned milk chocolate ice cream is the chocolatepurist's choice


        Mint               Chocolate              Chip

An original combination of mint and chocolate that never gets old



Fun colors and fruity flavors will leave you  always wanting more!



Grand Traverse Bay Cherry Fudge

Just like Traverse City, this ice cream is rich in cherrys. Cherry chunks mixed in with cherry arametto flavored ice cream and fudge ripples makes this flavor legendary


Mackinac Island Fudge

This island is famous for its delicous fudge, and this ice cream will take you there. Butter and chocolate fudge meet in this delicous vanilla-based ice cream


Strawberry Cheesecake

This ice cream, made with tart strawberry sauce mixed with cheescake ice cream, makes a delicous taste, just like the real thing


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Just like licking the spoon after making cookies, this ice cream will take you back to the kitchen


Toasted Coconut

Chocolate covered coconut pieces mixed in with creamy ice cream for the perfect combo


Butter Pecan

Buttery, creamy ice cream, mixed with pecans and a hint of carmel



Milky Way

The delicious flavor of a milky way bar, in a frozen sweet-treat



Seaside Caramel

Newly added,  rich carmel ice cream with creamy choclate peices.



Blue Moon

This fun blue colored treat is creamy, and sweet with a hint of fruit


Michigan Deer Traxx

Peanut butter cups dunked in chocolate and mixed with vanilla make this ice cream irresitible


Coffe Lover's Dream

Just like the name says, this ice cream tastes just like premium coffe, tuffed with chocolate chips for a great taste for mocha lovers


Soft Serve:


We sell vanila, chocolate, and swirl

We also offer specialty cones:   Sugar Cone and  Waffle Cone

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